Please let us know if you have a lost or found animal that you need posted here at no charge. All ads will expire 30 days from posting. We can scan any found animals for microchip identification. Also, this page may not contain all current lost/found pets we have filed; please call the clinic if you've lost or found an animal.

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If You've Lost Your Pet:
-Check with all local veterinary clinics

-Check your local pet shelter and animal control (Eastern Oregon Humane Society/Pet Rescue: 541-564-6222)

-Check with your local and county police departments



Pet Identification makes all the difference when pets get lost.

An ID tag with a current phone number or address is one of the most important (and low cost) investments you can make for your pet.

HomeAgain reconnects 10,000 pets to their families every month! We strongly recommend having a microchip implanted in your pet. Don't forget to keep the contact information up to date!



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